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Posted by Steven m on 11 June 2019 07:02 AM


We were notified about some major vulnerabilities with CPanel's current version of EXIM and it can lead to exploitation for crypto attacks.  As a result, we have since the 6th of June been patching all of our servers.  All our shared servers are protected, but we need our dedicated and VPS clients to contact us ASAP.  We will be upgrading them as well as fast as possible.  If you don't want to upgrade, let us know, but we will be pushing heavily for it. 

We want to provide you with information regarding an Exim exploit that NIST has posted about today:

This Exim exploit could affect any servers running cPanel & WHM versions below our latest LTS version which, as of this email is, v78.0.27. For more information about this Exim exploit, please see the link above.
We recommend that you update any servers below cPanel & WHM v78.0.27, promptly, to ensure that you've received the latest system updates.
If you have any issues with the updates, please contact our technical support analysts for assistance:

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